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Precast Delta Roof for EAF - Steel example

Precast shapes made specially for your equipment

Thanks to our long experience as global leader in monolithic refractories, Calderys is proud to offer our customers precast services to make your next refractory installation:

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Risk-free 

We take our high-performing monolithic refractories and, following strictly the requirements of your equipment and processes, cast for you at our or your facilities in prefabricated pieces the exact refractory shapes you need. 

As an additional level of service, certain Calderys locations also offer the option to ship your equipment to our precast facilities: we can cast and install our prefabricated monolithics directly in your equipment for the ultimate in risk-free refractory installation.

Calderys precast options optimise installation time in all our customer industries, including:

  • Delta roofs for the EAF
  • Steel ladle bottoms
  • Working linings for Foundry ladles
  • Secondary reformer dome pieces
  • Blocks for aluminium furnace linings
  • Diamond roofs for Reheat Furnaces
  • "Sandwich Readyshapes" for grate cooler roofs

Contact our experts to find out how our precast services can work best for you.