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Engineering - Iron Runner Refractory Design Drawing

Putting refractory engineering expertise to work for you

Our highly qualified engineers around the world use the latest tools & techniques to custom design your refractory projects from start to finish. Discover some examples below that our Calderys team will be happy to discuss further with you.

Heat-transfer calculations 

Using industry standard software, our engineers ensure your refractory lining meets your coldface temperature requirements and operating conditions. See our Customer Net for a simplified version of a thermal calculator that you can use before your next meeting with your Calderys representative.


Our drawing offices located around the world boast in-depth local refractory expertise alongside worldwide best practices from the whole Calderys network. With decades of project experience and thousands of drawings done using both 2D & 3D modeling, our engineers ensure every detail is accounted for when preparing the refractory lining for your equipment.

Layout of lining

Calderys engineers work closely with you to optimise price & performance based on the needs of your specific operations. Thanks to our familiarity with a wide range of bricks, fibres, anchors and other accessories in addition to our full portfolio of monolithic products, you can rest assured that your refractory lining is best-in-class.

Project-specific dry-out schedules

Since proper dry-out is crucial to the lifetime of a refractory lining, our experienced engineers can optimise for you the ideal dry-out schedule to provide you with both energy saving and refractory reliability.