Key Services

Steel Plant operations

High grade, high durability gunning package for BOF Converter and EAF

Quick and efficient repair combining Calderys’ innovative gunning products with:

  • Remote controlled application equipment (Shooter & Batch Guns)
  • Specialised application labour and supervision on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis

Wide range of equipment available for steel application repairs 

Ask your Calderys Steel experts about all the installation machinery available to you, always keeping both safety & speed of installation at top of mind. 

Installation service offerings

  • From supervision to a full installation, we work with you based on your needs
  • From spraycasting and gunning to EAF hearth vibrating, our teams will arrange hassle-free installation that works best for you

Engineering services customised for your needs

  • Reducing effects of steelmaking stresses with optimised design
  • Lesser downtime to increase your productivity

Steel Ladle – Bottom & Sidewall repair service Technical support for steel casting industries

Bricks or monolithic lining installation with continuous repair service on offer to ensure maximum productivity.

Tundish installation & repair support

Offering includes a specific range of machines, such as mixers or sprayers to fit any sizes of tundish. Our team of experts has also developed a set of fluidic numerical simulations to optimize the metal flow in the tundish. Ask your Calderys experts for full details.

Technical support for steel casting industries

The Calderys team is composed of experienced metallurgists, chemists, mechanical engineering or process engineering experts. Our deep knowledge of continuous casting plants in operation worldwide allow us to provide rapid support. Our worldwide laboratories feature state-of-the-art measuring and analytical equipment. In addition to commonly used standards and procedures, our team members develop a range of autoatic feeders to optimize the performance of the tailor-made casting fluxes.