Key Products

Precast Delta Roof for EAF - Steel

High grade, high durability gunning materials for BOF Converter and EAF

  • Innovative blend of high purity MgO and CaO grains bonded by incorporating complex multiple binder systems
  • Durability significantly higher than standard conventional MgO based BOF Converter maintenance materials (more than 24 hours)
  • Excellent sticking properties: can be applied immediately after tapping onto hot brick and slag

Precast shapes for all steelmaking processes

Ask us about our full range, some examples:

  • Customised delta roof for EAF
  • Purging system precast pieces (i.e. lances & purging plugs)
  • Tundish accessories such as weirs, baffles, and dams
  • Precast bottom for steel ladle

Bricks range to complement monolithic refractories

Our Steel experts will consult on the ideal mix of bricks and monolithics for your processes. Our brick offering includes:

  • Industry standard sizes for steel ladles (i.e. Standary Key, Mini Key Series)
  • Magnesia bricks tailored to BOF converters
  • Dolomite bricks adapted for stainless steel production

EAF Hearth Ramming

Offering full package: materials and installation including specialised machinery.

Steel Ladle – Monolithic Bottom & Sidewall materials

Whereas brick working lining in the ladle wears down and becomes hard to repair, when our monolithic lining wears down the hotface can be recast much more efficiently (including Calderys supply of moulds for this concept).

RH degasser lining concept

Supply and assembly of brick pieces (steel shell, brick arrangement inside, castable outside).

Tundish DVM materials

A full set of DVM solutions, from cold-setting to hot-setting, as well as spraying materials if required.

Casting Fluxes

Our Steel Casting Fluxes are engineered materials used for continuous casting and bottom pouring of steel. They are available in granular or powder form, and sold under the brand names ACCUTHERM.

Covering Materials

Our compounds are available in granular or powder form and are sold under the brand name GLUTIN. The materials are engineered from various raw materials to obtain melting properties and chemical composition that meets the requirements of the casting process

Metallurgical active slags

Our slags are sold under the names AKTIV-DESULFAT and LDSF. They are applied during the secondary metallurgy treatment (ladle) and tundish covering, to achieve deoxidation, desulphurisation, degassing and alloying. 

Mold Flux Feeders

Our flux feeders for the casting of billet, bloom, beam blank, thin slab and slab casters have been renowned worldwide for over 15 years, eliminating the manual addition of flux to the continuous casting mold.