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Refractory & Safety Assessments

Calderys Refractory and Safety Assessments

Assessments to save on costs and keep you safe

Before we start a job, we complete an extensive analysis of your process, equipment, and working conditions in order to provide the best solution for your needs. 

Low performing equipment leads directly to losses in productivity and higher costs so the combination of our experienced staff with the latest assessment techniques (from specialised checklists to thermal imaging) will ensure your refractory lining and related processes are optimal.

Another important aspect of Calderys assessments is always safety: we not only work with you to ensure maximum safety for your teams, but we also offer safety assessments for sub-contractors that will be performing refractory installation work at your site. Find out more about the Calderys safety philosophy in the EHS section.

Contact us to find out about the Calderys assessments that will work best for you.