Calderys Automatic Feeders

Calderys' customized mold fluxes

Calderys Automatic Feeders

Feeding manually the casting flux at the surface of the continuous casting mold did not lead to the highest level of quality. That's why we're offering our automatic feeders.
Calderys automatic feeders

Feeding manually did not promote:

- a stable meniscus (steel/slag interface)
- a uniform insulation of the steel 
- a higher risk of flux entrapment causing quality issues
Combined with safety issues for operators. 

Calderys designed and patented the first commercially successful mold flux feeder in 1999. Over the last 20 years, around 200 systems are currently in use on 5 continents feeding billets, blooms, beam blank and slab casters. Calderys is now proud to launch the 3rd generation of automatic feeders. 

Generation 1: temperature control to monitor flux thickness

- Automatic start-stop - customized distributors

- Low maintenance

Generation 2: laser Control Package

- Compact laser design for restricted environments

- Accurate thickness setting & regulation

Generation 3: fully automatic flux selection

- Silo solutions & emptying systems based

- Integrated big bag cutting knife