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Quality Control - Calderys lab expertise

Trust is earned: Strict quality standards to bring you the best

For over 100 years, Calderys has built a reputation for high-performing refractory products and a focus on quality controls has been a major key to the success of our refractory linings at customer sites around the world.

In QC facilities throughout our network of ISO-certified refractory plants, we comply with strict testing procedures from the raw materials we receive to the finished products that we ship out to you. 

Application-oriented tests on our products are important to ensure we remain closely in-tune with our customer’s processes, including regular testing against: 

  • Iron slag
  • Molten aluminium
  • Spalling
  • CO effects
  • Abrasion

Installation testing is another crucial element of our QC philosophy, for all methods from casting to gunning to shotcreting. 

The intensive testing at Calderys ensures that we keep delivering to our industry-leading clients the refractory products that they trust.