Reheat Furnaces

Key Products

Reheat Furnace refractory products being installed

Complete refractory range for reheat furnace

  • Plastic Roof: traditional ramming option or faster casting options available– world-renowned CALDE® and ACCCAST PLAST product lines (casting / ramming)
  • Famous SUPERAL range (ramming / gunning) for roof, walls, burners, etc.
  • Plastic refractory for gunning: fastest installation, taking half the time as ramming
  • Insulating castables range to replace fibres for more safety for your teams: Extra-light (XL), Light-weight (LW), Medium-weight (MW) options available
  • Range of refractory technology options (conventional, low cement, sol-gel, QD™ patented no cement castable)
  • Bricks and fibres possible depending on customer needs

Precast Refractory Shapes

Options for roof, side burners, burner blocks, roller blocks:

  • Latest technology: Prefab burner blocks (low NOx, regenerative burners, all OEM types)
  • Diamond roof popular option for heat efficiency
  • Prefab blocks for pusher furnace floor
  • Electrofused blocks option for pusher furnaces – perfect for severe conditions with double the lifetime of other precast options

Ceramic anchors

  • The standard for reheat furnaces – best performance

Skids & Posts

  • Tried and tested systems used around the world for decades – particularly in Walking Beam and Pusher furnaces – can be precast or cast in-situ