Refining & Petrochemicals

Key Services

Calderys project services - Furnace and panel at Dutch Oil Refinery

Calderys has a full service package we tailor to your needs, working with you to optimise all elements of your projects.

  • Safety: To ensure safe execution of production, supply and installation, Calderys can provide you with all required documents and personal safety equipment, to execute a project in the safest possible way.
  • Product selection: By carefully examining your equipment and processes, we will offer you a complete refractory solution from monolithic to insulating materials to anchors to customised precast pieces, and more.
  • Engineering: Using top-notch design and calculation processes, our global network of engineers works with you to determine the exact refractory lining specifications for your equipment.
  • Project Management: Whether you are building a completely new plant, adding a new equipment, or performing Turnaround maintenance, Calderys has experience and skills to manage your full refractory project end-to-end.
  • Installation: To ensure optimal performance for your refractory, Calderys provides full installation services through our certified installation teams, including safety officers and supervisors.
  • Site Management: To ensure optimal installed lining by your sub-contractor, Calderys can provide you with additional site advisory, site supervision or site management services.