Key Services

Iron runner engineering

BF Stack maintenance full turnkey project

Ask the experienced team at Calderys for a maintenance quote to greatly extend the lifetime of your Blast Furnace.

  • Project offering can include usage of platform or gunning robot system

Tap-hole area maintenance

Leave the maintenance to us for worry-free operations, including supply and installation of:

  • Grouting
  • Crack-filling mass
  • Tap-hole face maintenance castable

Runner management system (RMS)

  • Calderys partners with you: Refractory cost is set per tonne of your production (Prorata system)
  • Safety focus for runner design from Calderys’ experienced engineers (permanent lining & safety lining)

Fine-tuning of Tap-Hole Clay

Tap-hole clay can be customised specific to your operations thanks to Calderys’ years of application expertise between our team of experts:

  • Our teams spend time at your site to learn your processes
  • Link the formulation to your requirements and constraints (for example your plugging & drilling equipment and practices)

Precast service

Calderys will analyse your equipment and design and manufacture customised precast pieces specifically for you.

Refractory assessments

Talk to your Calderys experts to see how we can cut your operating costs by assessing your refractory (including thermal imaging) to ensure your operations are running as efficiently as possible.