Key Products

Blast Furnace Tapping - Ironmaking

Tap-Hole Clay customisation and innovation

Tap-hole clay manufacturer for over 30 years, Calderys will put its experience and expertise to work for you with customised tap-hole clay options including innovative concepts like the Quick Drilling line which reduces opening time and eases drilling to give you up to 20% savings.

Blast Furnace Stack gunning or shotcreting

For the fastest and most efficient maintenance of your Blast Furnace, Calderys will recommend the ideal gunning or shotcreting products from our wide range (see our Ironmaking Key Services for the full turnkey project option).

Castables for runners

Ask our Calderys experts for the best solution based on your runner design and operating conditions: full range from traditional castables to ultra-low cement content (ULCC) carbon-containing castables (like our best-seller CALDE® CAST G 6 P).

Precast shapes

Calderys has the capability to produce a wide-range of pre-dried precast shapes both at our locations and on your premises. Shapes vary on size and complexity to satisfy all customer requirements.

  • Simple installation
  • Minimum downtime of your equipment
  • Improved performance with product lifetime guarantee
Iron Runner Precast Prefab Shapes