Boilers & Incinerators

Key Products

Boiler and Incinerator Refractory Products

Reduce Outages & Improve Performance with Aurora™

Aurora™ is a mineral-based fuel additive engineered to improve the overall performance and efficiency of your boiler.

Full refractory selection for Boilers & Incinerators

  • Monolithic refractory or SiC tile lining options depending on customer preferences
  • Calderys’ own composite tile system for higher resistance along boiler wall

World-renowned SPRAYCAST product line

  • Fast shotcreting installation for high-quality castables without moulds, can go up to 2 times faster than traditional gunning

Trusted insulating products

  • Castables range for safe and efficient installation and strong insulating properties: Extra-light (XL), Light-weight (LW), Medium-weight (MW)

Refractory innovation

  • Calderys continuously exchanges innovation ideas across our global network to continue to serve our customers with innovative solutions year after year. 
  • All innovations designed to give you longer production campaigns and shorter downtimes
  • Ask us about our popular Calderys innovations: Spraycasting technique (including machines & process), CALDE® SEAL range, and Sol-gel binding systems