Key Products

Cement refractory products


This range is the solution of choice wherever high temperatures up to 1 800°C occur in combination with thermal cycles and a heavy chemical load including clinker phases. Unlike magnesia spinel bricks that are commonly used in these areas, CALDE® MAG CAST is a self-adapting solution. 

  • Easy application
  • Significant coating surface area
  • Riskless heating up
  • Short term partial repairs in rotary kiln


Calderys has the capability to produce a wide range of pre-dried precast shapes both at our locations and on your premises. Shapes vary in size and complexity to satisfy all customer requirements.

  • Fast and safe installation 
  • Easy replacement
  • Minimum downtime of your equipment
  • Increased performance due to controlled factory production and dry-out

Non cement microsilica based

The high performance CALDE® SOL and CALDE® QD products have high abrasion resistance and don’t require curing. They can be easily installed through various techniques and are immediately ready for a riskless heating up


  • High alkali resistance (HAR lining)
  • Long shelf life (up to 18 months)


  • One component material: Quick Drying
  • 20-25% less water during installation than LCC
Cement Cooler Bullnose Refractory CALDE® SOL