BOF Converter

For BOF converter operators worldwide, Calderys has the complete product and service portfolio to satisfy all your refractory requirements. With monolithic products and a full range of bricks, we are ideally positioned to offer individual as well as full-package solutions to steelmakers, including:

  • Magnesia bricks for full relines, partial relines, and patching
  • Gunning maintenance materials as well as castables
  • A full range of remotely operated application equipment
  • On-site supervision and labour for worry-free material installation
  • Design expertise to ensure expansion stresses at high temperatures taken into account

Calderys holds 2 basic principles as the highest priorities for BOF converter solutions:

  • Reduced refractory consumption: selecting the right products for each converter zone to reduce cost per tonne of steel produced
  • High grade, long life products: reduced maintenance time means increased profit margins for steelmakers

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