Sustainability Awards Program within Calderys Group!

To underline our dedication to sustainability, Calderys Group has initiated in 2023 the Calderys Group Sustainability Awards. This internal competition recognizes the progress we are making in sustainable development and celebrates our achievements in this crucial area.

Sustainability Awards 2023

The Sustainability Awards acknowledge projects and initiatives across the company that have actively contributed to our sustainability objectives. Open to all companies within the Calderys Group, this competition commemorates projects that are aligned with our following key features, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability:

  • Commitment to our people and communities
  • Improvement of our own environmental footprint
  • Support to our customers in their energy transition

Early January, we announced the winners of the various groups who took part in the Sustainability Awards.

Here’s a summary of our 2023 category winners:

Commitment to our people and communities

What better way to support the future of our communities than through education? Near our Wankaner site in the state of Gujarat, India, the winning project in this category saw the establishment of a Central Educational Board-authorized English medium school. Since 2020, the school has grown from 33 to 200 students, with plans to accommodate 600 by 2025. You can learn more about this project in this past article

Improving our own environmental footprint

Our Steel Casting Fluxes team in North America successfully optimized its formulation, increasing the use of reclaimed raw materials by 38%, while keeping the high quality and the performance of the product. Data science tools and a qualification template were implemented to track properties – offering a replicable framework for other sites. To achieve this, the priority was to create a qualification template that tracked and defined the physical, chemical, procurement and functional properties of each raw material used in the manufacturing of steel casting fluxes.  

Supporting customers in their energy transition

Calderys played a pivotal role in the European foundry industry's carbon emission transition, managing the design, installation, and training for a low-carbon electric furnace. The project achieved a 10% emission reduction, saving 70 MWh per year and contributing to France's carbon reduction goals. In addition, the furnace enables the recycling of waste iron versus primary iron resulting in unlimited recycling options without quality losses, furthering Calderys’ sustainability mission.

The aim of our Sustainability Awards is to continue our journey towards building a better world through a sustainable approach to our activities.

Learn more about our sustainability approach: