Skyline project: Calderys supporting Shell in its energy efficiency

Since June 2022, Calderys has been supporting energy company Shell in modernizing its ethylene steam cracker in Moerdijk in the Netherlands.

Known as the Skyline project, this project consists of replacing 16 old steam cracker furnaces with eight new more efficient ones without losing production capacity. The new furnaces will reduce the site’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the framework of the project, the large new convection units are placed in four phases on every two furnaces positioned next to each other. The first phase has been finalized. The refractory in this part was successfully heated up for the first time in December last year. The second phase of the project is ongoing. Currently, Calderys teams are installing the refractory bricks and castables in this part.

Image: Shell

Image: Shell

Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk is one of the largest chemical complexes in Europe. It produces base chemicals. By installing new and more efficient furnaces, Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk can reduce its CO2 emissions by around 10%. Shell aims to become a net-zero energy business by 2050 or sooner, in step with society.


Find out more about the project in this video from Shell.