Maintaining a constant flux thickness for a better steel quality with Automated mold flux feeders

Maintaining a constant flux thickness for a better steel quality with Automated mold flux feeders

Flux feeding systems

Calderys is the world leader in supply of mold flux and feeding systems for the continuous casting of steel. The feeder design was pioneered in the late 1990’s, and for over 20 years the systems have been applying granular mold flux on billet, bloom, slab, thin slab and beam blank casters, and now number over 200 machines worldwide. The air driven application principle developed by our teams remains the industry's best practice for applying mold flux. The gentle and consistent feeding has been proven to benefit steel quality and operational security compared to other methods of application.


Data capturing significantly improves steel quality

Additional innovative technology is now available to the flux feeders providing flux thickness control, consumption monitoring and data acquisition of the process information. Control of the flux feeding is achieved with thermal or laser sensors, to keep a constant flux layer eliminating operator steering and variability associated with the manual control. Maintaining a constant and precise flux thickness benefits the fusion of the mold flux, and improves meniscus stability and mold level volatility. With the flux control system, an additional advantage with steel quality improvement can be obtained. The sensors can be applied with any type of caster and mold level control system for keeping a stable flux layer.

The load cells provide accurate, real time monitoring of the consumption along with the additional benefit of feed control with measured dosing of the flux. Feed control is precise and continuous even at low requirements of 50 grams/minute. 

flux feeding



Feeders and Casters work in sync, always adapting to customers’ needs

In addition to the control features, information from the system - previously unattainable- is now available. Consumption of the mold flux can be captured for evaluation of flux, grade and caster parameter analysis. All the flux feeder signals can also be shared to the caster system for historical comparison.

The advanced feeding system has been designed as a technology hub, utilizing the latest in controls and hardware allowing customization for each installation. Features and controls can be specified by the customer, providing the appropriate level of automation and control needs. As the feeder evolves further and customer needs develop, additional features can be easily integrated into the base system.


A global Steel network with local expertise

Additional to the equipment is the highly experienced Calderys team, located worldwide to provide local support. There also exists a dedicated feeder department that maintains the development, design and engineering of feeder equipment, including software and technology advancements. Project management expertise has been acquired through years of experience in practice. Combined with the mold flux expertise, the best solution fitting product and application is achieved as we know the continuous casting process intimately.

Contact Calderys to learn more about their innovative feeding devices, and how they can benefit your operation. We look forward to assisting you on the path towards operational excellence.


Text by Mike Zinni, Technical Development Manager - Iron & Steel Flow Control at Calderys. Contact him for more information.


This new technology was presented at the 10th European Conference on Continuous Casting on the 21st of October.