Calderys expands its insulation plant in India with an emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing

Calderys launches its expanded insulation production line in Dharuhera, Haryana region, in India. By adopting sustainable manufacturing processes and enhancing production capabilities. Calderys reinforces its commitment to environmental stewardship while addressing the needs for high-quality insulation products in various industrial sectors.

An advancement towards eco-friendly through manufacturing

The expansion includes substantial technological upgrades, with the installation of an advanced boiler system that shifts from traditional fossil fuels to Piped Natural Gas (PNG), a cleaner alternative. “Our commitment to reducing environmental impact is evident. Switching to natural gas has greatly improved our environmental impact and working conditions", says Satyendra Kumar, Director of Industrial Operations & Projects, South West Asia. These changes are expected to significantly minimize CO2 emissions by 50% while strengthening the ability to produce top-quality insulation materials. Additionally, new cutting-edge machinery has been set up to further enhance both efficiency and manufacturing standards.

Another key element of this expansion is its capacity to reduce carbon emissions over 6,000 Metric ton in 2023 and electricity consumption down 25%, thereby mitigating environmental impact. It promises a considerable drop in dust generation, aligning with the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP Orders) issued by the Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas. These regulations are instrumental in limiting sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution. The effort exemplifies Calderys' commitment to fostering cleaner and more sustainable industrial practices.

Ensuring excellence and promoting growth of various local industries

The development enables Calderys to provide an extensive selection of insulation products. By strategically broadening its operations, Calderys demonstrates its dedication towards broadening its offer and fulfilling the demands of various industries. 

Furthermore, this undertaking coincides appropriately with the rapid advancement of industries like cement, iron and steel, and petrochemicals. The increased output from the Dharuhera facility is projected to play a crucial role in supporting these sectors in India by providing faster access to critical insulation materials, thereby aiding in the timely advancement of their projects.

David Secret, Global Vice President, Operations Excellence, comments: "We are pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly operations, setting new industry standards, while enhancing our production capacity."

By taking this important step ahead, Calderys reaffirms its dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. This initiative not only improves the company's production capacity, but also demonstrates its environmental responsibility and dedication to the growth of major industrial sectors in India.

Ish Mohan Garg, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, concludes: "The expansion is a clear indicator of Calderys' significant investments in greener operations and our dedication to minimizing the environmental footprint. Simultaneously, it addresses the demand for high-quality insulation products, underscoring our commitment to quality and sustainability."