Casting Fluxes

Our Casting Fluxes are engineered materials used for continuous casting and bottom pouring of steel. They are available in granular or powder form, and sold under the brand names ACCUTHERM.
Calderys' customized mold fluxes

Casting Fluxes - Mold Fluxes

Sold under the brand names ACCUTHERM, our Steel Casting Fluxes are available in granular or powder form. They are engineered materials tailor-made to optimize the key-properties expected from a casting flux :

  • Viscosity
  • Thermal breakpoint 
  • inclusion absorption
  • Consumption rate

To achieve the optimal result for each customer requirements, in terms of

  • Lubrication by preventing the solidified surface of the steel from sticking to the mold
  • Thermal Insulation to avoid premature solidification of the meniscus
  • Control of heat transfer in the mold to prevent surface defects
  • Absorption and dissolution of non-metallic inclusions for steel cleanliness
  • Protection of the steel meniscus from re-oxidation

 For any type of casters 

  • Billet
  • Bloom
  • Beam blank
  • Slab
  • Thin slab

And any type of Steel grades

  • ULC 
  • Peritectic 
  • High carbon steels
  • High-strength 
  • Alloyed grades including TRIP

The new generation of casting flux are now designed to minimize their Eco-profile,  as well as anticipating next possible H&S regulations.