About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR at Calderys

Calderys respects the world in which it operates. We are committed to play a role in society, to meet our obligations to the countries and communities where we do business, and to act as responsible environmental stewards and thereby contribute to sustainable development.

Calderys has positively impacted the communities around our establishments by working, in particular, on education and community improvement initiatives.


Basic education, related infrastructure, and promotion of training are the needs of the hour. Calderys is committed to working extensively to improve education in our communities.

Community wellbeing

We are consistently contributing to community wellbeing through initiatives around the following themes: Environment, Sanitation, and Skill development.

CSR Pillars and Themes

Calderys adheres to the CSR structure of the Imerys group, which is organised around 6 pillars & 16 themes.

Safety & Health

  • Occupational Safety Management
  • Occupational Health Management

Human Capital

  • Human Rights & Labour Practices
  • Talents & Skills Management
  • Social Dialogue
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Environmental Stewardship

  • Environmental Management
  • Non-Energetic Resources Efficiency
  • Biodiversity & Land Rehabilitation

Climate Change

  • Climate Change Strategy
  • Climate Solutions

Business Conduct

  • Corporate Governance
  • Community Engagement
  • Fair Operating Practices & Responsible Procurement

Product Management

  • Product Sustainability
  • Sustainable Technologies