Key Services

Aluminium Furnace - Sweden

Calderys provides a full range of services to Primary aluminium plants, Secondary remelters, refiners & rolling mills as well as casting foundries.

Discover the Calderys expertise generated from our portfolio of over 1 500 aluminium customers in over 70 countries, with a continuously growing turnover of approximately € 45 million for the aluminium segment in 2018.

Global full package refractory projects

  • From the initial design, to material selection and supply, to supervision, installation and dry-out on-site
  • Calderys is a valued supplier of turnkey projects to major aluminium OEMs – ask us for our list of references

Refractory solution expertise

  • Calderys experts ask the right questions to select the best refractory lining design and materials for you, based on decades of experience in the field
  • The solutions we propose are adapted to your specific equipment and process conditions, taking into account your need to avoid the loss of production time
  • Calderys continues innovating, adapting our offerings to global developments thanks to the close collaboration within our Calderys expert network and Imerys Science & Technology labs

Installation including machines

  • Installation teams (Calderys & partners) all over the world
  • Calderys can offer machines for your installation needs (i.e. gunning, shotcrete, mixing), to be delivered to your site

Precast services

Not only can you ask Calderys to customise precast blocks tailored to your equipment and ship them to your site, but you can also ship us your equipment (up to 20 tonnes) for installation and dry-out by Calderys staff. Our precast service centres cast and install the precast pieces for you – the ultimate in hassle-free installation.