Key Products

Refractory - Rodding

Pioneer in "aluminium non-wetting" monolithics with the combined knowledge of Lafarge Refractories and Plibrico International, Calderys continuously develops new materials for aluminium furnaces with more than 60 products dedicated for liquid aluminium contact.

ALKON® brand products are created specifically to defend against major impacts in your furnaces and other equipment in contact with liquid aluminium, particularly corundum formation and mechanical abuse.

For primary aluminium

  • Electrolysis: Range of DVM, bricks & mortar, and sealing monolithics for potcells approved by several technology providers
  • Anode Baking Furnace: Precast top blocks, insulating monolithics, and mortar/sealing patch
  • Rodding shop ferrous foundry: full set of refractory products (see Foundry section)
  • Transfer ladles: Popular self-flowing monolithics like ALKON® FLOW LB 75 for extended lifetime and easy cleaning
  • Casthouse holding furnaces: Best sellers such as ALKON® CAST LB 85 in bath wear lining and complete solutions for furnaces up to 130t capacity

For secondary aluminium

  • Melting furnaces: depending on your furnace design (tank, top charge, sidewell, CIF, etc.) a full range of monolithic or brick solutions can be offered
  • The solution will be zoned to fit the furnace process conditions: chamber temperatures peaks, alloys processed, mechanical abuse from the charge and skimming, usage of salts / fluxes
  • The solution will focus on minimising production downtime to minimise your cost of ownership by combining quick installing / drying products, precast shapes, and/or quick installation methods
  • Solid results: we can reach metal to metal duration of a couple of hours for small repairs, a couple of days for larger repairs, and 2 weeks for a complete large furnace relining
  • ALKON® monolithic refractories enable high performance even in the most extreme conditions we have seen around the world

For aluminium foundry

  • Worldwide leader in monolithic solutions for Melting-Holding twin chamber furnaces
  • Global best-sellers: ALKON® CAST 204 / AF 481, ALKON® CAST HYMOR 80 AL * with excellent mechanical strength combined with strong corundum growth resistance and easy dross cleaning
  • Cast in-situ, in house services, and modular prefabricated shape solutions for dosing furnaces
  • For all casthouse types, monolithic solutions for metal ladles and launders focus on lifetime and thermal efficiency

Product portfolio & innovation

  • Calderys is the only monolithic refractory supplier having at hand the full range of monolithic technologies and applications to serve you best: hydraulic bond, no cement, sol-gel, 2 component P-bond cold setting, P-bond gun & brick solutions, as well as CALDE® WIRE MIX
  • Continuous innovation has developed the Calderys product portfolio over decades, so you can benefit from our solutions which match any and all of your needs

Precast shapes in focus

More and more aluminium producers are trusting Calderys to prefabricate blocks for their aluminium furnaces – Calderys can even perform the installation at your facilities. Precast shapes combine the maximum performance of monolithics (whatever their dry-out time) with high speed of installation at your site. Contact our experts for full details on our precast offerings.

(*) This product is available in the United States as ALKON® CAST HM 80 AL.