Monolithic Refractory

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Calderys India Wankaner Plant

Global expertise and local savoir-faire

Our product range, consisting of over 1500 formulas, is the result of decades of R&D work and global experience in refractory technology. Our innovative teams continuously improve our products through interaction with our customers, adapting for local needs. We have a mix of well-known global and local brands, all with the same high quality standards you expect from Calderys.


Our flagship brands CALDE® and ALKON® (dedicated range for Aluminium contact) are known and trusted around the world. Calderys commits to provide you the same high level of performance and reliability no matter where your refractory is produced.


Besides the global brands, we have in our portfolio some strong local product lines such as KERAPLAN for Boilers & Incinerators, PHLOX for filling, as well as DENSCAST™, SICTO™, and VICTOR™ brands.


Our brands unique to India have a long history in the country with a proven track record across all industries. Well-known Calderys brands include:

  • Hysil
  • Hysil, the leading Indian producer of calcium silicate thermal insulation, joined Calderys in July 2020 to expand its offerings in the High Temperature solutions. HYSIL is a preformed, high temperature, abuse-resistant pipe and block insulation with exceptional structural strength. This acquisition expands the existing product portfolio and enables Calderys to provide an extended offering to customers. Find out more information here.



Calderys has a strong presence in Asia Pacific thanks to long-standing monolithic refractory production in Taiwan. Our TAICAST and TAIGUN brands have established themselves as benchmarks across the region.


Our Tokai facility near Nagoya produces a complete range of monolithic refractories including castables, plastics, ramming mix and precasts. Products such as TOCAST, TOPLAST, and TOBOND are widely-used by customers in the ferrous and aluminium foundry industries, as well as Electric Arc Furnace mini-mill and Reheat Furnace industry segments. 


SPAR Inc. was welcomed into the Calderys family in 2016. The global expertise and knowledge brought an enlarged portfolio of products and improved manufacturing processes. The SPAR brands cover a wide range of high-quality refractory products along with specialised precast services.